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Competency & (Disability) Personality Testing

Competency and (disability) personality testing is often used to determine if someone is mentally healthy. Is someone of sound mind to execute wills and legal contracts or are they suffering from personality changes due to dementia, age, injury, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, medication, or life issues.

Competency Issues: Often times, mental, medical, age or neurological issues can impair a loved ones memory, concentration, and ability to think rationally. When questions arise regarding that person’s ability to drive, manage their own finances, live by themselves, or make rational decisions for themselves (such as the capacity to enter into contracts, agreements, execute wills, etc.), then that person may need a competency evaluation test.

Competency tests are often requested by lawyers, doctors and family members. These sound mind evaluations are frequently a necessary aspect of managing those who we care about, but who’re at risk for putting themselves or others at risk or harm. Competency tests may be used to determine their capacity to be a witness, to vote, validate a will or contract, and other important consequences of someone’s actions.

Disability Testing: Medical issues can have deleterious effects on individual’s personalities and cause significant depression and anxiety. This is particularly true for patients with chronic illnesses, or laborers who have been injured and who can not return to work despite their best efforts. Others have lived with significant and severe mental health issues all of their lives.¬†Personality and mental status testing is frequently requested to ascertain the level and severity of the patient’s functioning with regard to disability requirements.

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