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ADHD and ADD Testing

Neuropsych testing (ADHD and ADD testing) is frequently used to diagnose and certify ADHD or ADD in adolescents and adults who are hyperactive and/or have attention-deficit disorders. Since medications for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder) are controlled substances, your primary care provider may  elect to prescribe a medication based upon a second opinion or certification from a neuropsychologist.

ADHD testing helps to determine if the patient suffers form the hyperactive form, inattentive form, or combined form of ADHD. Testing for ADD/ADHD also provides treatment recommendations and school accommodations.

ADHD/ADD testing by a neuropsychologist can provide the student with ADHD Certification, which is needed for exam and school accommodations, as well as entrance (standardized) testing examinations, including increased time limits, a quiet environment, and other environmental factors that will reduce distractibility.

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