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For Referring Doctors


Our neuropsychology office seeks to establish a working referral / relationship with your medical office. Dr. David Rawlings, PhD. is the only Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist in Collier County and has been providing psychological diagnostic and neuropsychological assessment services for over 35 years (22 of those years in SW Florida). 

Prior to establishing our office in the Commons Building on Goodlette Road, Dr. Rawlings was Chief of Psychology with a local Neurology group, and worked in Michigan with a large rehabilitation facility as a staff neuropsychologist.   Dr. Rawlings is affiliated with the NCH Healthcare System.

We see patients M-F, Saturday (by appointment), by Skype, and/or at other designated locations, and accept all insurance except Medicaid.  Our office also has a PhD psychologist available for therapeutic counseling.

With a large family of his own, Dr. Rawlings is compassionate towards patients (and their loved ones) who are seeking a supportive and understanding doctor when seeking the following services:

ADD/ADHD, Accommodations, & Careers:

  • Testing & certification of ADD/ADHD in adolescents and adults (16 yrs and older);
  • Certification and accommodations for Learning Disabilities (appropriate for high school, college, graduate school, and entrance exam testing); and
  • Career Interest and Aptitude services for vocational bound students.

Brain Trauma:

  • Assessment of sports concussions (return to play),
  • Traumatic brain injury (auto, falls),
  • Personal injury (slips and falls, bike, assault),
  • Workers compensation (industrial accident) ,
  • Disability (Social Security / accident-related / Vocational, which may determine one’s level of injury), and
  • Feigning or malingering an injury; MMI %  based upon cognitive deficits; and return to work issues which may  be relevant to your treatment management.

Behavioral or Mood Changes:

  • Depression and anxiety which can frequently be mistaken as early MCI. Screening tools are employed to differentiate psychiatric from neurological conditions, and
  • Pre-surgical psychological evaluation to determine patient’s readiness before undergoing significant surgery for bariatric conditions or a spinal cord implant/stimulator.

Memory Testing:

  • Memory testing to help determine if an older patient has benign forgetfulness,
  • Mild cognitive impairment (amnestic or non-amnestic),
  • Depressive pseudo-dementia,
  • Dementia (frontal temporal, subcortical, Alzheimers), and
  • Competency issues regarding the capacity to drive and/or to live by oneself / handle personal and financial affairs / etc.

We look forward to following up with your office in the next week for a brief meeting to see how our office can best assist you and the care of your patients.

Please feel free to contact my office with any questions you may have regarding scheduling, reports, turnaround time, etc.


David B. Rawlings, Ph.D.  ABN


Dr. David B. Rawlings Ph.D.