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Confidentiality Policy

The law protects the relationship between a psychologist and their patient, and any information discussed is confidential. Confidential information will not be disclosed without written consent of the patient or in certain limited exceptions.

This means that the patient can be sure that the private information that they share will not be further disclosed to others except for the purposes for which the information was intended– their clinical care.

It is important to note that there are well-established exceptions to confidentiality and the patient/therapist privilege.

These include:

1.  When the patient consents to the disclosure.

2.  When the law requires reporting of information, such as in cases of child abuse.

3.  When there is a duty to warn or protect third parties.

4.  When reimbursement or other legal reules require disclosure.

5.  When the patient is deemed to have waived confidentiality such as by bringing a lawsuit.

6.  In an emergency.


Additionally many employers have their employees’ insurance companies’ contract with other companies to manage their employee health care benefits. This benefit is called “managed care” or health maintenance care. Mental health services are included in most plans as managed care.

As mental health providers, we are required to submit psychiatric diagnoses and a treatment plan to most managed care insurance companies. A treatment plan may include diagnosis, a description of the representing problem, personal background information, treatment goals, and therapy methods.