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Expert Witness Testimony

David B. Rawlings serves as a personal injury expert, provides expert testimony in courtrooms, deposition testimony, and/or medical opinions often needed in legal situations. Dr. Rawlings is available to conduct IME’s (Insurance and Medico-Legal) as well as record consultations for plaintiff or defense counsel. For further information, or to schedule an appointment by Skype or […]

Learning Disabilities

Our office conducts intelligence and academic achievement testing to determine, document, and certify learning disabilities, such as reading comprehension issues in patients. Learning disability evaluations are recommended when a patient’s expected academic achievements are below the patient’s IQ expected aptitude (IQ) levels. Following the learning disability testing, the neuropsychologist may recommend that the patient be […]

Memory Testing (Memory Loss)

If you or a  loved one suffer from memory loss or considerable forgetfulness, memory testing can be helpful to  diagnose and manage your loss of memory. Forgetfulness happens to the best of us and may be due to several factors, including old age (benign senescence) or head injury (concussions or brain trauma due to car […]

Pre-Surgical Screening

Pre-Surgical psychological screening examinations (or pre-surgical screening) is typically requested by a specialist and the surgery is usually contingent upon the outcome of the pre-surgical screening. Pre-surgical psychological screening is required by health plans, Worker’s Comp or Medicare. This is particularly true for bariatric patients, and patients undergoing spinal cord implants or spinal cord stimulators. The […]

Head Injury & Concussions

Testing of traumatic brain injury testing is frequently used by doctors and attorneys to determine the level and severity of a head injury, concussion, or other brain trauma due to some form of sports-related injury, car accident, slip and fail, assault, motorcyle-pedestrian accident, industrial work-related injury, etc. The test results also help to develop treatment […]

Competency & (Disability) Personality Testing

Competency and (disability) personality testing is often used to determine if someone is mentally healthy. Is someone of sound mind to execute wills and legal contracts or are they suffering from personality changes due to dementia, age, injury, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, medication, or life issues. Competency Issues: Often times, mental, medical, age or neurological […]