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Dr. David B. Rawlings Ph.D., P.A.


Dr. Rawlings has over 35 years of clinical experience. He is the only Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist in Collier County (Naples), Florida and remains a staff member with the NCH HealthCare System.

Naples Neuropsychologist Memory Testing

Dr. Rawlings was born and raised in Michigan. He attended Hope College (Michigan), Central Michigan University, University of Michigan and Michigan State University and  worked in a variety of rehabilitation settings, including Mary Free Bed Hospital, in Grand Rapids, M.I.

In 1992, Dr. Rawlings moved to Naples with his (attorney) spouse and three children. After several years as Chief of Psychology at a local neurology practice, Dr. Rawlings elected to serve community patients and doctors from his own private practice.

He is a former Eagle Scout, pilot, artist and boater. He enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and days at the beach.


Diplomate, American Board of Professional NeuroPsychology, # 288

Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Michigan State University (APA accredited)

Cognates in:

  • Clinical NeuroPsychology
  • Health Psychology

Dr. Rawlings completed his internship at Henry Ford Hospital (APA accredited) in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Department of Neurosurgery, Neurology & Neuropsychology
  • Department of Psychiatry-Liaison

Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Central Michigan University

Staff member at hospitals and leading C.A.R.F. rehabilitation center.

Vocational Rehabilitation Panel of Psychologists for State of Florida.

Licensed as a Psychologist in Florida, Michigan and Virginia.

Certified by Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, # 4089

Certified Registrant, #43720, National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.


Dr. Rawlings has been a member of the following professional organizations:

Fellow, American College of Professional Neuropsychology

International NeuroPsychological Society

National Academy of NeuroPsychologists

American Psychological Association

Division 40 (APA) Clinical Neuropsychology

Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

Florida Psychological Association

National Board of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists


The Fielding Institute  -  Santa Barbara, California:   Practicum Supervisor

Antioch University; The McGregor School  -  Yellow Springs, Ohio:  Student Supervisor

Grand Valley State College  -  Allendale, Michigan: Guest lectures in Clinical Psychology in Rehabilitation. Incorporated an overview of psychological testing and treatment in rehabilitation settings with functional implications for Physical Therapists.

Central Michigan University  -  Mt. Pleasant, Michigan: Teaching assistantship with undergraduates in life-span psychology in Developmental Psychology 220. Responsible for complete lecture content, testing and grade administration.


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Rawlings, D.B. ”Test-Retest Practice Effects, Reliability, and Stability of the WAIS-R in Recovering Traumatically Brain-Injured Survivors.”  Published Dissertation. Michigan State University, 1990. Finalist, Barbara A. Kirk Award for Outstanding Student Research.

Rawlings, D.B. ”Diagnostic and Prescriptive Use of a Management-Filing System in Computer-Assisted Cognitive Retraining”, (abst) Cognitive Rehabilitation, Vol.5 (July- August 1987), 37.